BODYFLOW is an exercise program that will change the way you feel about your body forever. BODYFLOW combines traditional Eastern disciplines like yoga with dynamic exercises from pilates. BODYFLOW provides an opportunity to get in tune with your body and to alleviate stresses from every day life.


A little bit of pilates mat and a little bit of yoga. Get both disciplines in one class! A full body exercise program that strengthens your “powerhouse”‐ abs, back, hips, and shoulder girdle. PiYo restores muscular balance, builds strength and flexibility, increases coordination, develops balance, and improves body alignment and posture.



A non-impact workout that combines different asanas, or postures, with deep breathing to promote strength, flexibility, balance and relaxation. Level I is for new and continuing students and level II is for students with some experience and new, healthy students.


***Yoga Basics

A gentle workout that enables nearly every "body" to enjoy a yoga practice and promote increased activity for better health.

***Level one classes: Geared for beginners, seniors, postrehab, preand postnatal, and anyone who desires a lower music volume!

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