Our most popular membership, the Single Membership is perfect for all those seeking an individualized approach to health and wellness.



Perfect for empty nesters or those who prefer to work out with an accountability partner, our Couple Membership is an ideal value for all those who wish to share their fitness experience with someone they love.


Our best value, the Family Membership was created for all those who want to share their health and wellness lifestyle wiht the people they love most, their family.

Junior Membership:

Junior memberships are available to members under the age of 30. Junior memberships are basic memberships that include gym access and classes only. Upon reaching the age of 30, these memberships revert to full price.

Corporate Membership:

Our corporate membership program is individually designed for the unique needs of your company. Whether you own a small business or large corporation, we will customize a membership package suitable to your specifications.

For further information, please contact our Membership Director at 913.268.3633 or via email at

*All membership rates are based on annual membership agreements. Fees and dues do not include applicable taxes. Month to month membership are available.