Studio Element

Element (definition):  A place where one feels comfortable.

Studio Element is a community of people focused on total wellness and incorporated amenities designed to give our clients a complete health experience. We offer educated and personalized fitness, spa and wellness programs. Our goal is to assist you in reaching optimal wellness, feel comfortable, and enjoy the journey.

Massage Services

Let our experienced and licensed massage therapists knead away aches, pain, tension, and stress.


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Relaxation: Traditional method of massage utilizes long fluid strokes of light to medium pressure to promote deep relaxation of superficial muscles.  This technique aids circulation to bring oxygen and nutrients to the soft tissue of the body.

30 minute massage

45 minute massage

60 minute massage

90 minute massage

ports Massage: (Add $10 to Relaxation Massage) Reduce muscle soreness, decrease inflammation, and increase range of motion.  This a great addition to your workout routine.


Muscle Relief: (Add $10 to Relaxation Massage) Specific techniques that use greater amounts of pressure to relieve deeper muscle tissue and restore range of motion.


Hot Stone: (Add $20 to Relaxation Massage) A Relaxation Massage with the addition of warm river stones applied to the body to allow heat to penetrate muscle tissue for deeper relaxation.

Reflexology: (Add $10 to Relaxation Massage) Direct pressure to specific points in the hands or feet which stimulate reflexive areas within the body.

Chair: Great for when in a rush.  Chair massage is a combination of techniques that relieve sore muscles in the neck, shoulders, and back.

10 minute massage- $10

15 minute massage- $15

Youth: (Prices same as relaxation) Minor children from ages 10-18.  Must be performed with same gender therapist, and parents must sign a consent form as well as be present during massage.

Prenatal: (Add $5 to Relaxation Massage) A great way to alleviate some of the aches and pains brought on by pregnancy.